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Lunch Bandit 
12th-Apr-2010 03:38 pm
- Characters: Free For All
- Setting: Lunch time, break room/kitchen
- Plot Summary: The office workers open the fridge to see their lunches have been ransacked.

( OOC note: This is now open. Enjoy~ ♥ )
16th-Apr-2010 12:31 pm (UTC)
Creed took the paper and pencil. What was he to write? Was this their crafty way to catch him in the act? He wasn't going down like this.

NAME: Creed Bratton
FOOD: Sandwich

No wait! He scribbled it out.

NAME: Creed
BEVERAGE: Juice Box - Orange
FOOD: Pasta

There ... that sounded more believable. He placed the paper and pen on the kitchen counter and walked to his desk. His stomach was really starting to growl now. "Damn it" he thought to himself, "Who stole the lunches?!".
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