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Recent Entries 
2nd-May-2010 03:47 pm - A Very Hot Day
- Characters: free for all
- Setting: the office, midafteroon
- Plot Summary: The weather is awful and everyone just wants to GO HOME.

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12th-Apr-2010 08:01 pm - Break Room Rekindling
- Characters: Dwight, Angela
- Setting: Afternoon, break room/kitchen
- Plot Summary: Dwight decides to reopen his heart to Angela.

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12th-Apr-2010 03:38 pm - Lunch Bandit
- Characters: Free For All
- Setting: Lunch time, break room/kitchen
- Plot Summary: The office workers open the fridge to see their lunches have been ransacked.

( OOC note: This is now open. Enjoy~ ♥ )
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