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scrantonily is a rp based on the US version of The Office. It is based after the episode Stress Relief (season 5, episode 13).

There is a third-person rp community (scrantonily), an ooc community (scrantonilyooc), and each member is expected to post in their personal journals.

The name comes from the following quote:
Michael Scott: I am downloading some N3P music--
Jim Halpert: That's not it. Yep?
Michael Scott: --for a CD mix tape--
Jim Halpert: Close.
Michael Scott: --for Holly. And I am looking for perfect songs that work on two levels.
Jim Halpert: What are the two levels?
Michael Scott: The two levels being, welcome to Scranton and I love you.

For the extents and purposes for the rp, the cameras are gone and the documentary is over.

Journals are public unless otherwise specified, meaning every other character can read it and comment on it. One can specify [Private] in specific entries if they wish for the journal to be private, or [Only Accessible By ______] if they only want a few characters to be able to read it.

This community is run by Michael and Angela. The latter can be contacted through PM here, and the former can be contacted through AIM on the username 'dwightsenpai'.
Respect. Respect everyone in the community. If you have any quarrels, feel free to come to a mod (dwight_senpai or angelanm) to be a mediator.

Grammar. Please don't murder the English language.

God-moding. Do not force someone else's character to do something. The only character you control is your own.

Hiatus. If you are going to leave for a few weeks, please post in the OOC community saying so, and post an IC journal entry saying your character is on vacation.

Frequency of updates. Please update your character journal at least once a week, and please participate in the third-person rp community at least once a week.

Posting in the 3rd person comm. Creating your own plots by posting in the third person community 'scrantonily' is encouraged! Just remember to tag (see "tag" section of rules.)

One on one rp. IM rping is not allowed. All rping must be done in the community. If you wish to do one-on-one, please post a new thread in the main community with the two characters involved tagged.

Tagging. Tag entries you participate in with your character's first name, as such: "dwight", "jim", etc. If the thread is free-for-all (anyone can join), tag it as "!ffa". Tags are not necessary for journal entries.

Character limit. Everyone is limited to one character at a time due to the small cast number.

Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll. X-rated things are allowed. Put them behind a cut with a warning.

Posting in the RP community. The format for posting in the RP community should be as such:
- Characters: Characters involved. If anyone is allowed to join, write 'Free For All'.
- Setting: Time of day, place. If in the office, be specific: conference room, by desks, lunch area, etc.
- Plot Summary: A basic summary of the plot.

Strikes. You get three strikes before being kicked out of the community. Just follow the rules and use common sense and everything should be okay.

Rules. The mods have the final say and the rules are subject to change at any time.
Dwight Schrute (if you play him, you must use the "dwight_senpai" journal and adhere to the small amount of history that has happened; he's thinking about getting back together with angela)
Ryan Howard
Toby Flenderson
Stanley Hudson
Kevin Malone
Oscar Martinez
Darryl Philbin
Phyllis Vance

Michael Scott - michaelgscott (Admin)
Angela Martin - angelanm (Admin)
Jim Halpert - lankydude
Meredith Palmer - rabid_driver
Creed Bratton - scuba_creed
Pam Beesly - pam_bees
Kelly Kapoor - omg_itskelly
Andy Bernard - the_narddog

Other Characters
If you are interested in any of the more minor characters, let me know.

Original Character Openings
There are currently no original character openings. There may be in one or two in the future, but not now.
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Meredeth---PM here
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Pam---kstar_45 @ sympatico.ca
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